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Currently available is the 2009 Shiraz & 2019 Ros'e.

COMING SOON - 2019 Shiraz

Our Award Winning Kangaroo Island Wines:


  • 2005 Cabernet/Shiraz - Bronze Medal - Cairns Wine Show

  • 2007 Shiraz – A full bodied, spicy and complex wine, which won the Gold Medal in 2007 at the Cairns Wine Show

  • 2008 Shiraz – A well balanced, elegant wine, which won the Gold Medal at the 2010 Cowra Wine Show 

  • 2009 Shiraz - A full-bodied wine which won a Bronze Medal at the 2011 Royal Melbourne Wine Show 

Why are our Kangaroo Island Estate Wines so popular?


  • Our temperate climate ensures a long, slow ripening period, perfect for growing high quality grapes and creating exceptional wines

  • The Island soils are sandy loams over clay which are nutrient rich – and combined with the long ripening period, imparts an intense fruity flavour to our Kangaroo Island wines

  • We only produce small runs of wine so our customers are always treated to new and exciting flavours

  • Making wine is our business and our passion, and we like to think that a little part of our soul goes into every bottle

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